Deploy, access, recruit - Contract to Hire Staffing

Contract to hire staffing is ideal for companies who want to de-risk the entire recruitment process.

The incumbents remain on our payroll until the time the company decides to recruit them. But in the interregnum, they are still bound by the rules and regulations of your organization.

  • Companies employ the desired staff as a contract employee,
  • Validate his technical and managerial skills while on the job and
  • If found suitable, they recruit him/her.

Benefits of the Contract to Hire Staffing Model

Effective pan global resource pool:
Companies benefit from our large pool of human resources and they can gain access to top rung resources that can handle critical jobs with zero compromise.

Customized, Perfect Placement: 
We have an organized approach towards recruitment and unlike body shoppers, we are not in a tearing hurry to fill up vacancies. We first conduct a technical evaluation of your requirement. This helps us determine the manpower and skill set requirement of your project. Our deep understanding of your company's specific requirement helps us identify and offer the candidate that will be a perfect placement.

Some of Our Results